Your neighborhood car wash for over 30 years

Canton South is family owned and dedicated to great customer service

Why is Canton South unique? Our people

We washed our first car in 1992. By the end of 2021, we've washed 1,613,717 more. Our customers keep coming back because we combine the latest automatic wash technology with personalized attention to each vehicle.

Hybrid wash technology

We use chemicals that require less friction

At Canton South, we always stay ahead of the curve to ensure we're protecting your vehicle for the long haul. First, we hand prep vehicles before every wash. Then, we use polymer-based "touch less" soaps and Neoglide cloths to brush the dirt off. Finally, our team makes sure your vehicle is spotless and dries it off by hand.

Many routes to a spotless car

When you arrive at Canton South, you'll be greeted by a member of our team to choose the best wash for you.
  • We offer several premium washes, a basic wash, and an express option.
  • You can also use one of our self-serve bays. The bays are cleaned, trash cans are emptied, and our staff members are standing by to help with any issues.
  • Choose from several add-ons, like bug prep, tire dressing, or chassis bath.
  • Ask about our fleet programs.

We're here to help

Need assistance with your wash plan or have questions about an upcoming visit? Our friendly team is happy to assist you.